Modern Tools for Jewish Travel

While in the past a traveler observing Jewish traditions needed to carry quite a number of books and equipment, or rely on local Jewish hospitality, today for the most part, all they need is their smartphone. Below is a small and by no means complete selection of the tools available in the digital age.

The medieval traveler would probably consider having all this knowledge in a palm-sized object in his pocket magic, yet today it is quite normal to see Jewish people in airports and on trains, bent over their phones, performing their daily rituals in a twenty-first century manner.



This Jewish calendar website can tell you at what time the Sabbath or holiday begins and ends wherever you are; when to light candles; what is the Jewish equivalent of any Gregorian date and vice versa; and answer other date and time-related questions.



A smart library of all the major texts of the Jewish canon with commentaries and other study tools.


Kosher Trip Adviser

This and other such tools enable travelers to keep the rules of kosher eating while still enjoying their holiday, listing kosher products to shop for, restaurants and places to stay.



An iPhone and Android prayer book app. The observant Jew's day includes three daily prayers and a number of blessings. On most days, the app in their phone will serve for all these – except on the Sabbath, when phones are not allowed.


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